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White Polywood shutters on three living room windows behind a sofa

What Are The Best Indoor Window Shutters In Washington DC?

January 20, 2017

You’ve read about all the perks of interior shutters, so which kind will you get? Ovation® and Polywood® shutters are known as the leading indoor window shutters in Washington DC. Each is constructed with premium materials and precision workmanship. But both products have unique characteristics you’ll need to consider when selecting the right interior window shutters for your Washington DC home.

What Are Interior Window Shutters?

Polywood shutters on a large kitchen window

Indoor window shutters, also known as louvered or plantation shutters, are multifunctional window treatments. Dissimilar to fabric treatments, interior shutters are built from solid materials that make them long-lasting and terrific at covering your windows. They have frames that mount next to your window’s border. Within the frame you’ll see panels with numerous adjustable slats referred to as louvers. You can pull open the panels for an unblocked view or keep them shut and tilt the louvers to bring in light. When you desire complete darkness and privacy, just shut both the panels and louvers. Washington DC residents enjoy how simple interior shutters are to operate and how elegant they look.

Polywood Shutters Are The Longest Lasting And Most Resilient Interior Shutters

White Polywood shutters in a bedroom with bright blue walls 

Polywood shutters are perfect for Washington DC families who want enduring, energy-conserving window treatments. Polywood is much more hard-wearing than fabric and wood window treatments. It will not warp, nick, or break from factors like temperature changes and high humidity. Polywood shutters' finish is uniquely formulated to withstand fading from the sun’s rays, too. These shutters last decades, even in high-moisture spots like bathrooms and kitchens.

They won’t go out of style, either. The hard-wearing coating can be found in three shades of white that match well with all home decor trends. Put Polywood shutters in any space for enduring allure.

An additional advantage of Polywood shutters: incredible energy efficiency. They are the most energy-conserving indoor window shutters in Washington DC. Polywood shutters give you up to 70% more insulating ability than wood options. That kind of insulation helps keep your home comfortable and saves you money on HVAC costs.

In summary, Polywood shutters are the top interior shutters for your Washington DC home if you want window treatments that are

  • Energy-efficient
  • Undeniably alluring
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Permanent and durable

Ovation Shutters Are Available In The Most Colors Of Any Indoor Window Shutters For Washington DC Homes

Brown wood shutters in an off-white living room 

Wood interior shutters have been around| for hundreds of years. They have a classic look that works for most decors and come in many colors. Ovation shutters are your best option if you don’t want white window shutters in Washington DC. You can pick from a wide variety of paint and wood stain colors to discover something you enjoy. You might even pick a color that harmonizes with other wood elements in your interior.

While wood doesn't quite match Polywood's longevity, Ovation shutters are the one and only five-star wood shutters on the market. They get this rating because of their exemplary construction. All components are solid wood that is kiln-dried and water-sealed to shield against factors that typically devestate wood.

If you love the look of wood indoor shutters, choose Ovation hardwood shutters for

  • An ageless appearance
  • A selection of colors beyond white
  • Matching any wood features in your home

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