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Modern living room with a large tv screen and white polywood shutters.

Five Tips To Create The Ideal Media Room In Washington DC

June 29, 2022

Modern home entertainment technology makes it simple to immerse your senses in gaming, movies, and your favorite TV shows in the comfort of your own home. This is the reason why families in Washington DC are inspired to create home media rooms. But what is required to make a fabulous home media room? From the best window treatments to soundproofing, here are five ideas for creating a media room in Washington DC that everyone will enjoy.

#1 Control Exterior Light With Louvered Shutters

Large media room with white Polywood shutters. 

Few things can spoil your favorite show like glare on your television. Dimmable lights help, but what what’s best for exterior light? Choose louvered shutters as window treatments in your media room in Washington DC for superior light control. Louvered shutters feature a solid outer frame that encloses your window to block outside light. They also incorporate hinged panels with moveable louvers that shut securely to achieve near-total blackout. Or move the louvers as you wish to shift sunlight away from screens or your sightline without making your room resemble an underground cavern.

In the event you install Polywood® shutters, you’ll achieve a higher degree of energy conservation too. These composite shutters block heat from the sun and drafts to allow your media room to maintain a pleasant temperature level. They may prohibit up to 30 degrees of temperature transfer, reducing your utility costs.

#2 Enhance Your Media Room’s Audio Experience With Some Doable Refurbishments

Once you fix the illumination in your Washington DC media room, focus on the acoustics. Drywall is sufficient for your media room’s walls, but your basement’s concrete deteriorates the quality of sound. The simplest way to control echoing in your basement media room is by putting up acoustic panels. If you want to perfect the sound quality in your media room, go with DIY sound barrier or absorption solutions. You can then proceed with window treatments, like shutters, to inhibit outside noise.

#3 Choose The Proper Equipment

The right equipment will deliver superb acoustics as well. Start with a surround sound setup. A great number of residents like devices with Wi-Fi capability since you don’t have to trouble yourself with hiding wires.

You’ll also want an amazing TV. LCD and LED TVs offer excellent brightness, but 4k TVs often have greater contrast levels and extremely wide viewing angles. You might also choose a projector-style setup for a large media room. Whichever television you choose, mount it high on the wall for improved viewing angles.

#4 Choose Cozy Furniture

Large media room with white Polywood shutters. 

You won’t be able to be entertained by your favorite show without a comfortable seating option. If your goal is a complete home theater, select the appropriate seating with reclining capability and incorporated drink holders. For gamers, get a few gamer chairs. A large, comfy sectional is a smart choice as well. And don’t forget some plush throw blankets and cushy pillows to get ready for those movie marathons.

#5 Redecorate With Your Favorite Theme

Customize however you desire when creating a media room in Washington DC. Are you a fan of a specific movie franchise? Do you want to feel like you’re within an actual theater? Framed movie posters, a classic popcorn trolley, and bold colors should promote the purpose of your media room.

For a more understated look, customize using your choice of color palette. Warmer hues with wood trim and coordinating Ovation® shutters will have your media room feeling cozy. You might also make it light and airy with soft neutral hues and Polywood shutters.

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